Affiliate Program

Want to become an affiliate of Nature By Media and earn extra money for any business
you send our way. Earn to $250 for each new customer you send our way!

Take Advantage of Our Affiliate Program

For each new customer that has been successfully signed up to one of our services who has been referred by you, you will be paid $250 for that referral. We honor our affiliates. Join the hundreds earning from our affiliate program.

*Only when the referral has successfully signed up for a service. Will be paid $250 for that referral.



  • Quickly sign-up as a referral source below. Note: You are in any way obligated to provide referrals.
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  • Simply ask the referral to mention you by name.
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  • Once the referral successfully signs up, you will be issued payment through the payment method of your choice.
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  • After 5 successful referrals your affiliate rate will increase to $500 per referral.